Wednesday, August 07, 2013

ON your mark
While we buckle down preparing the house for our vacation swap, I took a time out to go to a tibetan style retreat at Villa Jampa in S.Macario in Monte. I went with my friends Sabrina and Gabriella. It was a last minute invitation from Sabrina's cousin and we were all as spontaneous as we could be. In other words, I didn't pack the right things and immediately after we decided to go have an adventure we waited around for about three and a half hours before all of us were ready to go.

 The great lure was the salt water swimming pool since it was about 100 degrees outside, but the meditation session was worthwhile, as well. The vegan dinner tasted very um good for you and was the only part of the day's activities that came with a price - a very fair 10 euros. The meditation teacher, Laura, was really kind and generous and she even helped me to relax by escorting a giant daddy long legs spider out of the room before I had to semi close my eyes and start breathing through alternate nostrils. She was filling in for a famous Tibetan meditation teacher who had started a group and sends lessons through her to the others who want to continue with their studies. There were only two others there that night and one was Sabrina's cousin Antonella and the other was her friend Ramona who is from Santo Domingo originally, but has lived in Lucca for the past 28 years.

No guilt here. (But the vegan pasta carbonara was a little heavy/pesantina, oddly enough.)
The dining room was lovely, but after sitting in the lotus positon for two hours prior to dinner we were all ready to lie on the floor and put our feet up on the tables.

Tomoko is famous for her massage treatments, but we didn't indulge this time.
This is their photo of their pool which does not do it justice in any way. It is gorgeous and has just the right amount of salt. There was a lizard at the bottom, but that wasn't their fault.
After my latest work meeting, I haven't been feeling as zen as I'd like: "What is your greatest fault?" "Honesty." "I don't think that honesty is a flaw." "I don't give a f--k what you think."

Andrea, our host. He is probably a black belt in something.
Tomoko, our other host, really made us feel comfortable and welcome.

This is my workout routine this week (as if I could embarrass T any more than I already do):

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