Saturday, August 17, 2013

No shortage of cutie pies on the buses.
Art, butterflies & hummus
Today we went to the Victoria and Albert museum with my mom and Jack. We saw the 80's fashion exhibit which brought back F's fond memories of his knee length, metallic silver coat with shoulder pads that I encouraged him to throw out for his own good shortly after I discovered that I loved him in 1998. 
It was back when F was in his Lisa Bonet stage. . .
We then wandered through the provocative exhibition entitled sky arts ignition: memory palace which had us enter a multimedia futuristic, fantasy land in which the viewer becomes a part of the story. According to the narrative, those in power sought to enforce a regime of artistic repression on its people. The exhibit reflected the protagonist/narrator's battle to reclaim his sense of self expression through memory. It was the collaboration of submissions of 20 different artists based on a story by Hari Kunzru, although T rightly pointed out how it was also very reminiscent of Lois Lowry's The Giver. There was a cool feature at the end where you could add your own illustration to an artistic memory wall and we all gave it a whirl. And then I made sure we all used hand sanitizer because I am not as artsy, fartsy as I would like to have people believe.
On the way home we stopped at a butterfly exhibit in a humid tent where I discovered that butterflies love me, or, possibly, my elnett hairspray.

Even at high tea we managed to order hummus -- it's everywhere. I can't explain it.

My head is now filled 40% with butterflies, 40% with thought-provoking art, and with at least 20% hummus.

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