Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Yorkers are Tough

Today I got a phone call from Chiara saying that if they were going to take money from my colleagues to make up the amount I wanted they wanted to look me in the face. I put on my DOMANI FACCIO LA BRAVA (forse) t-shirt and my hoop you-better-not-mess-with-me I'm from NY earrings and off I went. I brought the agenda Giacomo had told me that I had to bring to all the meetings with notes written in it from our last meeting. Luckily my bosses don't read very much English.

"Bring a pen and paper to the meetings. My rate is 20 euros. Swimming pools have water pressure. They are also wet. The next year will be difficult. " I crack myself up.
They invited me to come into the gym owner's office and I told them I was going to speak in English and that the swim teacher could translate for me. I told them that I had to renew my permesso di soggiorno and to do that I need to earn a certain amount of money. I told them that without the permesso I would not have a tessera sanitaria for my daughter who has diabetes. And I explained that if I had to return to America we would have to pay an astronomical amount of money for T's supplies which we don't have and that, therefore, in a certain sense her life was riding on this. I told them about the coworker who put me in a choke hold as a joke and the 75% of my coworkers who don't have the good manners to say good morning to me when I say good morning to them. I told them that it was not me who lost her cool in the meeting yesterday. I also said that it was the owner's daughter who had told me that the staff sometimes stops speaking when she enters a room so that she knew how I felt. I also said that I had begged several people to help me get a trainer for T and no one got back to me even though I asked many times for four months.

The owner told me never to have clients know that I am upset with the gym and never to have them call my boss at home (not my fault) and never to wear my t shirt which read "Tomorrow I will be good (maybe)" to the gym again. He said he needed to know that I would have a good attitude, and I said I would. (Maybe).

What I keep forgetting to tell you was that on the way to the gym with my friend Elena, we saw a man on the bridge throw his sneakers over the wall and then take off his flip flops and then make the sign of the cross. The next thing we knew, he had jumped off. We pulled over when we could, but we were too far away to see everything. I told Elena that as soon as I got into the gym to the reception desk, I would ask them if we should call the police. Don't judge me, but with everything that was going on last night -- I forgot. Luckily, for my conscience my friend Giada had also seen a bunch of friends taking turns jumping so I guess they were just doing this risky and illegal dive for fun.
My lovely supportive family wearing their matching t-shirts. Too cute.

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all.

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