Sunday, August 11, 2013

London go go go
First stop Notting Hill. A nice Indian couple at the corner store taught us about our Oyster Cards for riding the double decker buses. They warned us not to take them out of their holders to avoid having them swiped, which was enough to make me miss Lucca.

T found a great telephone booth cardigan on Portobello Road. The funniest thing in the world was that there were more people speaking Italian In Notting Hill on Saturday morning than English. It was mobbed with people looking at the same twenty t-shirts, summer dresses, and cardigans that you could find in every store. It made me feel sorry for the people living in the lovely, pastel colored houses up and down the road.

Next stop was Starbucks where we finally got a carmel macchiato and all was right with the world. F had an espresso because he is Italian now. We took our caffeine highs to Oxford Street where we all found dead cheap things on our shopping lists at Primark. We have been dining mostly at home on gourmet salads, and spicy dips with chips, but for lunch yesterday we went to the omnipresent Yo Sushi chain store at the Whitley's mall. After we ate sushi that you grab off a moving conveyer belt that circles the bar, we watched little crazy people, children I believe you call them, jump on trampolines while attached to bungee cords.

And here's a horrible and uncheery thing that happened to some dad who offered to help one of the ride operators without being trained first. Don't watch it, if you don't want to. It does weirdly, however, make me feel lucky to be able to swing my arms today. 

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