Wednesday, August 14, 2013

HP baby

Caffeine fix!
This really happened.
I am not exaggerating when I say that for real Harry Potter lovers like us, going to Harry Potter Studios in London is like a combination of waking up on Christmas morning and finding Charlie's golden ticket for the willy wonka chocolate factory. We had cappuccinos to fuel up for the journey and then we took a double decker bus, the tube, the train and a special Harry Potter bus to get there. The theme music on the bus gave me goosebumps. T started spouting trivia like expert she is. To think that I started reading her the first book when she was only three years old and that she started reading the third book when whe was six years old. For many years she listened to the audio tapes to go to bed at night and has seen every film more than once. It was a whole bunch of  childhood wishes granted all in one day and we felt like super amazing mega parents even though all we did was shell out a generous helping of monopoly money to make it happen.

The special theme bus with all our wacky new friends
Ci siamo!

Little Harry Potter impersonators

Mmmmn chocolate . .

The Mirror of Specialness

A regal bird

We learned how to make spells with our wands.

The all important behind the back shot.

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