Tuesday, August 27, 2013

home dolce home

We made it back without being arrested.

Other families just hope to come home in one piece after a flight. We are a little more complicated. The vultures that do check-in at the gate RyanAir swooped down on our overstuffed luggage, the checked part of which was already reduced in volume by some hair products and some snacks due to the weight requirements. Don't ask me how we were 8 kilograms over the limit, but we were. I apologized to the check-in person at the RyanAir reception desk for not thinking of gifting him the leftovers until it was too late, but he tapped on his well-gelled head and said not to worry since he was awash in hair products as it was. F got into an argument with one of the snotty workers who were obviously charged with earning a certain some extra cash for the company by checking bags that could have fit under the seats if needed. In the end,  F stuffed poor Giorgia's case, to which we had added T's laundry bag, so aggressively into the rack that measures the size of carry-on luggage that he could barely get it out again. We paid and skulked away onto the very booked aircraft.

We came home to find a present of Duvel beer and a beer glass, as well as a huge green stain of magic marker on the couch with a white circle of smacchiatore/stain remover on top of it. Luckily, it did come out. There were also some little foot prints on the wall over the couch, but it was all worth it. Obviously, the absence of toys led to using the couch as both a gymnastic apparatus and a drawing tablet. No biggie. The restaurant owner downstairs has since told us that they were a lovely family.

F and I made it to the bus back to Lucca just as it was about to pull away from the stop, and T got a ride with Giorgia's family in their jeep. We arrived in the city only to find out that it was the notte bianca in which all of Lucca's stores stay open all night long and there is music and entertainment in many of the piazzas. It seemed like everyone was celebrating our return, but we were too tired to participate in full. Then there was a tremendous thunder storm that woke F up in the night and he had to go close all of the skylight windows. The restaurant under our house had to close for the day due to the fact that it was hit by lightening. They are back in business today. We are going to spend the week reconnecting with our friends most of whom are already back to work from their holidays and getting ourselves together for the start of school and the gym and English lessons, respectively.

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