Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dublin: hari krishna & cheap socks
We were really smart in that we got a car that could fit all six of us. Not smart enough, however, to get a car that could hold all six of us and our luggage. The girls crammed in the extra seats in the back and we all had bags in our laps. It was fine for the 10 minute ride from the airport to the hotel, even when the ride turned into a half hour during which we realized that even people who live in Dublin have no idea how to get to the Gibson hotel. The hotel is ideal in that it has a lovely bed, the rooms are quiet and there is a huge shower with a bench in it and the best water pressure I've found in the last nine years.

The girls were adamant that we eat in the vegetarian restaurant run by the hari krishnas. Jack loved neither the trays, the absence of menus and wine list, or the communal tables but the free hippy foot massage he enjoyed enormously. Just kidding.

We shopped Penneys. It is the kind of shopping experience people in Lucca yearn for. A whole department store full of cheap basics like boyfriend jeans for 10 euro and more 2 euro socks than you can shake a foot at. We stocked up on everything from socks to microfiber gym towels.

Lastly we tried to brainwash the girls to go to college by showing them a campus that looked smart. We gave them no history or information or any real tour to speak of because we got to Trinity college too late in the day and we were too tired from shopping and eating loads of fragrant, organic vegetables.

 Then we shopped and Marks & Spencer for gourmet groceries to eat in our comfy beds at the snazzy hotel because nine hours on your feet is quite enough, thank you very much.

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