Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bits and Bobs
Things I forgot to tell you are that the airport security check in which I had to get my mother and her artificial hip, her husband Jack and his cane and various bionic bits, T and her insulin pump and my illegitimate English daughter from another family through without microwaving T's medicine and getting us all arrested has gone swimmingly up to this point. Cross your fingers for the return trip.

Other fun facts: At the end of Master Chef television broadcast, the production company plays a little audio publicity that says "One potato, two potato" in a very English accent and T has repeated this phrase at least eight times a day since we left Tuscany.


Also whenever I get grumpy due to the enormity of preservatives in my food, the lack of caffeine in my system or the number of lumps in my pillows, T insists that we T-rex box which is the kind of boxing a tyranosauras would do given the length restriction of its arms. See exhibit A:

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