Friday, August 09, 2013

Best house swap ever!
We had a long, long day of final preparations yesterday. Anna Maria, my friend the police officer, came through in the clutch, helping us to get our permessi di soggiorno ahead of schedule. I always sweat it out at the questura: the pen ran out of ink just as were signing, the printer stopped printing mid-document, and then even the finger printing machine decided to act up in between takes -- but in the end we got it all done.

This past week we also said farewell to friends who were heading out for their ferragosto ferie as well. We had a really nice time at our friends Luca and Monica's new country house in the hills the other day. Luca runs the best bakery in Lucca and the food at his parties is always impossibly good. Then on wednesday night, in lew of my class, Giada, Monica and I had a Sex & the City part two dinner at Alessandra's house with cocktails on her front lawn under a huge umbrella lined with fairy lights on the underside.
Luca and Monica's house
What a view!

Finally underway bright and early this morning, we had no major setbacks -- just a lot of waiting and finger crossing, but we even managed the security check and getting T's microinfusor through without any unwanted x rays without a hitch. I have to admit that on the bus from the airport to Victoria Station I took a ridiculous amount of pleasure in being under to read and understand all the English signs while also being able to understand all of the conversations our Italian bus mates were having. So satisfying.

T has been craving one thing and one thing only and that's CHEDDAR, BABY! So we've had a wonderful picnic lunch featuring about eight kinds of cheddar cheese, including chips. The next craving we have to satisfy is STARBUCKS. Woohoo. Once you've got a hankeriing for a carmel macchiato with salty chocolate chip cookies, there is no turning back.

The apartment we're in used to be a boarding school of some kind. It is as huge a labrynth as Hogwarts and all of the corridors look the same. The concierge seemed worried that we would never manage to find our ways out. Check out this place:

YAhoo! Television in English. I love you, E news!

Floor to ceiling windows, make this place light and cheery.

I think the guy is a financial analyst richie guy.

Mmmnnn Cheddar! Olive bread, piri piri hummus, chips and more Cheddar, baby!

It's a duplex and Marilyn keeps watch from above.
T's room is pirate themed, pirate ship included.

Now we're all trying really hard not to sleep before nightfall.

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