Sunday, August 04, 2013

A poem made of t-shirts
T likes sloths. I don't exactly know why. In Italian they are called bradipo which is almost as weird of a word as sloth. Hopefully, they are not some kind of culty role model. Ooo that made me sound old, right? Whatevs.

 Even though I  have figured out that . . .

Since  I am a . ..
 And I live here . . .

I will still always be from

 I wish I had this Oprah sweatshirt very very much so that I could curl up in front of re-runs and sip red wine through a chocolate twizzler straw whilst talking to my belly button when I feel blue, but it is sold out!

 So this will have to do:

You know you have had a harrowing time at work when pinterest and are as comforting as a whole tray of cupcakes. THe EnD.

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