Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The day my boss turned purple

This morning I put on my fancy gym tee shirt, white capris and highest pair of heels and went cheerily to my meeting with my boss to find out about my new schedule for the Fall. At the last minute I decided not to bring a pen because I didn't want it to leak on my white outfit. Besides, they never say anything worth taking notes on anyway.

Pretty much the first thing that happened when I walked into the meeting was that my boss yelled at my for not bringing a pen and a pad. He said that they might at anytime ask me what was said at an earlier meeting and I should be able to refer to my notes. I just want to remind anyone reading this that I work at a gym. It is not like the memo on the McMorrison case is going to be lost when we go to trial next week. Anyway, he then went on to reprimand me for promoting my course and discrediting exercise methods that I believe cause the muscles to get overly built up on women who want to maintain a slender silhouette. The assistant of my boss pointed out that spinning class doesn't give you a fat ass. I was silent because that is exactly what spinning class does. It gives you a fat ass. She pointed out that the step teacher is very slender. I refrained from pointing out that just because she is genetically blessed and smokes continually; it doesn't mean she doesn't give all of her clients a fat ass.

The fat ass debate literally and figuratively behind us, the boss said I was about to be very happy because he had greatly increased my hours. Greatly, I would have to say, was an overstatement. I am going from five hours a week to eight hours a week. Nevertheless, it was an attractive schedule in that I would have a good and consistent array of time slots. The next piece of paper he put before me was full of numbers. He started speaking much quicker and mentioning the term tariffa. I asked a few questions before I came to the sad conclusion that he was planning to increase my hours, but reduce my salary. Then I kind of tuned out. While his lips were moving, I began to ask myself what the heck F, who was sitting in the car outside, would think about all this. I have wanted to quit for a while, but F thought it would be more prudent not to quit. Then again, he didn't have to wear white lycra while wearing a mask and carrying an enormous pipe in front of three thousand people in time with slow going gong music.

What I came out with was this elaborate story about how my husband was going to be very upset if I came out to the car with this contract that lowered my salary. I told them that I was about to ask for a raise because, in truth, I had considered that option, but had decided the day before to press for new equipment and to ask for the raise in six month's time. I said that my husband would say that I could get a job anywhere without an exclusive clause in my contract or even work as a personal trainer and earn more. My boss said that I had already tried in other smaller gyms and failed. I pointed out that I had improved since then. And failed is a bit harsh of an assesment at any rate. Lots of clients loved me from the beginning. He started calling me ungrateful and said that he had taken hours away from my (more) deserving coworkers and that if I was a better instructor, it was thanks to them. He said he was very annoyed/infastidito. Also he turned purple. His assistant began to mediate saying that if she understood me correctly I had only said that my husband might say these things not that I was saying these things. Then I turned to my boss and I said that he was clearly very upset so why didn't we take a breather for 24 hours or if he preferred I could just not sign the contract and we could leave things like that.

Then I got into the car to see if F really would have wanted me to sign the contract. He said I did the right thing and that I shouldn't take less than what I was earning before so now the ball is in their court.

This is from last Sunday when some of my clients from the fancy gym came over to eat muffins, look at the Victoria's Secret catalog and watch Michelle Phon's makeup videos on youtube.

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