Monday, June 10, 2013

T's final middle school report card!
This is the only report card that has ever made me cry. With joy. Not speaking a word of Italian three years ago, this courageous kid has earned top grades. She still has to pass all of the exams in order to move on to high school, but no one can ever take away from her that she received these grades.

(Out of a maximum 10 points) : On the cover of her report card she has a 9 which is her bumped up average due to excellent and respectful behavior. The 9 plus whatever she gets on her exams is what will matter to the high school that she is to attend in the Fall.

Italian 8
English 10 (well, duh.)
Spanish 8
History 9
Geography 9
Math 8
Science 8
Technology/ technological drawing 7
Music/ recorder 7
Art/ art history 9
Gym 8
Behavior 10

Bear with me, I have to say it again. She did this IN ITALIAN. Don't get me started . . . (sniff)


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