Friday, June 21, 2013

Shaken Not Stirred, part 5
We just had another earthquake here. It was a 5.2. T went to hear Giorgia's oral exams with Caoimhe and there is no phone service so F has gone to go check on the girls. Just got news -they're absolutely fine. Giorgia did very well. T has to wait her turn until next Thursday.

In other news, I was given one day notice to come to a meeting with my managers, Giacomo and Chiara - a swim instructor who also assists Giacomo- at the fancy gym. Chiara was visibly nervous at the beginning. We had a strange energy between us in that I got more nervous as the meeting went on and she got less nervous. That's management for you. When I got there they said that they were not going to talk. That's a new one. I felt like I was on a weird Italian game show. Silently I heard the buzzer signaling a wrong answer every time I opened my mouth. They asked me to describe my experiences and thoughts about my lessons and my colleagues. I said not one word about my colleagues which was in the best interest of everyone.

 Giacomo got tired of letting me talk and told me it was time for me to receive a critique. He said several people had complained of back pain after my class, but Giacomo recognized that it was just glute pain due to the fact that we burn our love handles off doing these intense leg lifts. Nevertheless, he said I had to start preparing people for the day after effects of a hard workout. He also said that he was appalled by my inability to count musically while teaching the exercises. He cautioned me to choose music that goes with the exercises instead of the other way around and told me that he wants to see unison and fluidity when he peeks in from the window instead of legs flying in the air at all different times. At the very least you should be on the beat, he told me. This flustered me enough that I forgot among other things how to count to eight and last night's lesson was a disaster. Today I came in determined to make it work and it was a good thing I did as two cute eighteen-year-old boy apprentices came to check out my method. It was satisfying that they were sweating buckets and one had to drop his weights because it was too hard. Hee hee, I love it.

I won't know about my hours for the fall season until August which makes my life impossible to schedule as everything is completely up in the air. I am so burnt out that I can't work up the will to care. Also we had to move our dinner party until Saturday because the fancy gym expects me to go to an aperitivo to celebrate the grand opening of the garden area by the pool. Sigh.

I on an impulse had my hair cut shorter for the summer. It is just past my shoulders. This is not even noteworthy except for the fact that people have freaked out about it at the fancy gym. I apparently needed to consult everybody before making such a drastic change. Some people like it, but some people feel that it would have been less shocking if I had had a hand or two cut off instead. It is very 80s around here and lots of older women still wear pigtails or have cascading locks. But I tell you, it is too hot for all that right now.

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