Sunday, June 23, 2013

Awww C'mon
Today I went to the fancy gym and my boss Giacomo said good morning to me. Then he went into my classroom and got on a yellow surfboard that was curved up at both ends. Some of my fellow instructors were also in the class balancing on their own boards. No one had breathed a word about the class or the schedule changes to me or to my clients. Nicolas saw my confusion and said that he was also taken off guard and that I should go in and ask Giacomo if my class should go into the other room. Giacomo shot me a mean look and grunted yes. I started my class in studio numero due when scary Stefania from the office came in. I just want to give K a kiss she said. Yeah right, I thought. She kissed me and whispered in my ear: you need to be out of here in forty five minutes so Nicolas can teach. It was like I was reliving some scene from the Tom Cruise thriller The Firm.  I said that was fine. Then I forgot all about it until I was overtime and Nicolas and all his macho students (male and female) were glaring at me.

That's Nicolas.
I stumbled all over myself and stretched out my ladies in the corner and went home in a rage. I was so mad that I walked half way down the road in the glaring sun because I didn't even want to stand in front of the gym. F looked confused when he saw me with a thumb out on the side of the car lane. I can't wait for when I get the lecture about how I need to be more flexible and more of a team player.
I wonder if his momma thinks he's a good communicator?

It was a cross between this and the one below, but in yellow plastic. It made my ankles hurt just looking at it.

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