Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aperitivo at the fancy gym
I convinced T to come along with us to the fancy gym so that I could show her off to everybody. I gave her the tour and then we went out to the pool garden to have something to eat and drink. I had two really excellent supportive groups of students there and they were on opposite sides of the lawn. It didn't occur to me to bring them together as one was a little family and the other were a group of ladies on their own for the evening who wanted to gossip and knock back a drink. I split myself in two and had a mini panic attack. I was not speaking Italian very well and I said several things that, when I come to think about it, made no sense at all. I hope everyone drunk a lot.
I just got a love note text from one older gentleman who said that he wished the moment of his greeting me had never come to an end. Weird reaction, since I was there with my husband and daughter. Obviously I have given him completely the mistaken idea that in exchange for being one of the only men to take my class, I will sneak off with him to the casbah. Cazzarola.
T, me, Sharon and her mamma Michela.
Me with group 2, including Alessandra and Monica.

My boss on the phone with his mother. Awww.
T got up early to go be the witness for more of her friends' oral exams. If that sounds like dentistry to you, let me assure you that it is a harrowing interrogation of  each student by all of their professors at one time on a myriad of subjects. Each students needs two people as witnesses and they never ever choose their parents. My friend Gabriella went and stood outside her daughter's doorway during her exam even though she wasn't a chosen witness and left only after she had eavesdropped long enough to feel that her daughter had passed. Since there were a series of earthquakes yesterday and the kids have to do their exams in the courtyard for safety reasons, some of her classmates can't use the school computer as planned for their presentations so T asked F to bring her newly fixed one to share. Such a sweet girl!

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