Monday, June 17, 2013

1000 pardons
If you ever see sparks coming out of your computer charger that is BAD. I'm so sorry for the long absence, but my computer died. Then a day later T's computer died with all of her final projects on it for school. Luckily, there is an apple computer repair place in Lucca and so a week, two new mother boards, and 500 euros later, it is good to be back. T is going to be able to get her work in on time and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Here are some crazy random facts about T's middle school exams:

1. Ever sheet of paper to every subject's exam have to be signed and stamped by the presidente della commissione who is not a part of the school. T says he looks like John Travolta in the 80s, but with a stained t-shirt and gray hair.

2. Witeout or cancellina is not allowed. All math work must be done in pen.

3. All the work has to be done in a draft and in a final version or a brutta and a bella copia.

4. The professors keep track of how many pieces of paper each student takes and they are not allowed to use their own paper so as to discourage cheating, yet they let them walk around school and go to the bathroom.

5. Professors are not allowed to be in a room with just one student so that they are not tempted to give kids the answers. T had to wait for a full hour so that a classmate could finish her exam, yet several professors have whispered answers to the kids so far anyway.

6. To do the state math exam you are given an hour and fifteen minutes to answer 30 questions, some of which have two parts. To do the regular math exam you have three hours to do four problems, some of which are five parts each.

7. The Spanish professoressa held up a student's exam to illustrate to the class where their personal data should be entered, but failed to notice that the student had already answered the true or false questions on that page. Everyone in the class copied the answers because that student had a reputation for getting good grades.

8. T's parents went to the beach on the day of her English exam and even though she got another parent to sign her out so that she could go home without a parent escort, she forgot to bring her keys and had to wait for us to get home. (Bad, parents!)

9. So far T has done her written exams which were Italian, Math, English, and Spanish and her state exams which were in Italian and Math and now she has to prepare for her oral exams on the 27th which will last half an hour include all subjects and can include any topic from the whole year even though she prepared certain topics with power point presentations for history, science, tecnica, music, and Italian.
Pre-exam power breakfast.

Pre-exam shoe tying exercise.

Pre-exam T waiting for a friend and destroying what is left of her nails.

The seconds felt like hours

Father-daughter pre exam melt down stress reliever.

There was a Fiat 500 Club car show at the fancy gym the other day. Today I got a text saying that I have to invite all my clients to an aperitivo/cocktail party Friday night even though we had invited people to a dinner that night at our house. Now we are trying to reschedule. The fancy gym is molto impegnativa and sucks up a lot of time. I have half as many clients now, but so do everyone one else because all of the Italians are making up for lost time now that summer weather has arrived and are frying their faces off in a who can get the most sun damage contest that would make the Jersey Shore cast look pale in comparison.

This guy was flirty.

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