Monday, May 27, 2013

The Metamorfosi party

We did pretty well. We had about 38 people, including us, and it seemed like almost everybody had a good time. They all brought super caloric food offerings or wine, except this one guy Giuseppe who brought me Channel firming body lotion. Sigh.

Some people who came had never even taken my class and some people just came for the bread. T and Natasha did a great job babysitting a seven-year old who was in the mix and taking people's coats and giving out cups. F was heroic in that I was obsessively cleaning every tiny bit of rust and water deposit from our bathroom while he was baking ten loaves of bread and a huge chocolate, red wine cake in the shape of a butterfly. The invitation said from six until nine, but people stayed late and we were exhausted when we got up at dawn to go to the children's hospital for T's three month check up. I found out some gossip at the party like which of my colleagues are sleeping together which is always useful.

Apparently, I have the hand gesture thing down.

Unfortunately, I appear to be talking to myself again. I may be saying, "Why do I invite 30 people over at a time when we don't have enough chairs?"

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