Monday, May 20, 2013

The Birthday Boy
The funny thing about F is that even though he speaks very little and he speaks very slowly, he loves himself a big birthday party. He also likes crowds and people and togetherness. I talk too much and to everybody and one time when we were at Coney Island on a crowded summer day I got so freaked out that I couldn't move while F smiled and hummed the Coca Cola jingle "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony . . ." The point is, we had a mesmerizing combination of food and people for F's big day.

Usually the focus of our get togethers is food, so it was a fun challenge to have the Hilfiger twins be the first to arrive with their mother. The first thing you need to know is that their mother does not speak Italian or English and we don't speak any German. The second thing is that the twins are now crudists which means they are vegans who only eat raw foods. The third is that they are working themselves up to being only solar powered and living off the "light" as they call it. Wonder twins: Activate.Their mother is a great baker and does not know what to do with them. F was prepared with a pepper crudite' served with a spicy tahini. He also served them fennel and zucchini with different spices on them. They could not resist and ate a few pieces which made their mother smile. She was happy to eat F's gorgonzola bread and paid the twins no mind when they clucked their tongues and shook their heads at her.

Next to arrive was T's friend Giorgia's dad Simon. He brought homemade scones, homemade jam and clotted cream. The twins' mother was in heaven. Then a funny conversation took place when Simon proudly presented the twins with the scones and they told him their current dietary restrictions. Simon, being very English, was mega polite about the whole thing and said something like, "Ah, light, you say? How illuminated of you both. I should put myself on such a diet and lose a few hee hee. So, no scones at all then? Right. Just so. As you wish, of course."

Then came Elena and Angelo, Simonetta and Davide and their little girls who eventually discovered that T and her friends Giorgia and Natasha were hiding upstairs and convinced them to play hide and seek, monster tickle style. Chaos and girl shrieks and thunder down the stairs. Last to arrive were Giorgia's mom Cristina and our friend Nick who explained how to windsurf  in pantomime and with sketches of wind flow to the delight of all the guys who are determined to give it a try this summer which will be truly blog worthy.

Our backyard that we don't have to mow - thank goodness.
T with Giorgia's doggie.

Our present to F was tartufo/truffle pasta, the special gourmet, very exotic tartufo butter which will make your head spin off it is so good, and lovely green pistacchio butter. And also a lot of LIGHT.

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