Friday, May 17, 2013

So Far
Well, unless I am hallucinating in Italian, I think Jerry Lewis, that is, Ricky told us that we are going to be wearing white masks on the front and back of our heads and iridescent paint down our limbs. I think it is likely that I will not count things correctly or be able to see, and that I will bump into my coworkers and possibly fall off the stage. I also think that as much as I wish people had been kinder and had gone more out of their way to explain things and spend time with me, I am not going to hold grudges. I am going to wipe the slate clean even for the ridiculously bubbly Zumba girl and allow better relationships to happen. (And if I am wrong and they end up being just horrible human beings, I am going to order an insane number of pizzas to all of their home addresses and let them pay for it.)

This is what our esteemed choreographers came up with so far:

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Laurence said...

Don't forget to use a disposable phone when you order the pizzas.