Friday, May 17, 2013

Round 2
I waited around for two hours. They someone asked me to run in a circle and I got a muscle cramp and pulled a muscle in my foot. Two of the girls have some gymnastic ability. They had to do somersaults over the tubes and splits and back bends. It hurts me just to think about it. At the end of the night my boss said goodbye and the curly haired instructor said goodnight and all of the women stood in a circle for about eight minutes eying each other. I guess no one wanted to be the first to go. Not much was said. The regular dance choreography for the twelve females is slotted for the next rehearsal.

On Friday I teach a class at 9,30 in the morning. Then I go home and have lunch and go back and teach a class at 4,00. Then I go to the hair salon at 6,00 and I just got a text message saying that I need to get into those MC Hammer pants for a staff photo at 7,30. Then they want me to take photos for them at the model casting activity. At 10,30 at night I teach again and then I will go home unless it is important for my job security that I do the Harlem Shake in costume at midnight. My life could not get any weirder.

Does anybody else think Ricky or Reeeekeeeee looks like Jerry Lewis? Check it out: 

There he is on the far left. The leg belongs to the curly haired teacher.
Okay, Jerry wishes he had those abs. But still!

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