Thursday, May 02, 2013

When I was dancing on the treadmill this week at the fancy gym, inspired by Tracy Anderson's treadmill challenge and that Okay Go video, this man came up to me and said, When you dance, we all like to watch you. I said, Thanks I get bored easily so instead of running I like to change it up. He said, Really you get bored easily? Does that mean you change men frequently? How many men do you have right now? I folded back my thumb and flashed my fingers at him so that he could see my wedding ring, but he grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at me and said FOUR, you have four? I looked at him in shock and confusion. Then I looked at my four fingers and said, No, no, no I'm showing you my ring. He and his greasy pony tail slunk off never to be seen again. Four?? I ask you.

I got a ride from a client at the gym who has yet to decide if she is going to sue my boss. She claims that she slipped on a patch of uneven floor while taking a Zumba class. When I left with her the other day, it did not go unnoticed by my boss. Apparently they had offered her free rehabilitation for her broken wrist, but she can still decide whether or not she wants to pursue a settlement with insurance or go to court. I sure can pick them. If people stayed away from me before, you should see how wide the berth is that they leave us when I walk out with her.

After I sent a text message to my boss to say that I would be happy to get certified in Bokwa this summer when I go to London, I got no reply. I had seen on the Bokwa fitness website that the certification is in America and other parts of Europe, especially England, but I did not see a course in Italy. I figured I would be proactive and volunteer myself. What happened instead is that I looked on the fancy gym's Facebook page and saw that they are already planning a masterclass for our clients and some instructors on Monday evening. I could not feel more foolish. Why don't they want to share basic information with me? It's like a sleepover party where all the kids are in a circle playing telephone and at the end the whispered message gets scrambled in some way that has the words fart and wiggle in it where they were not supposed to be.

The other thing I wanted to share with you is that the saw palmetto/serenoa pills I have been taking seem, after the promised six week waiting period, to be working and I have yet to get an acne cyst. I feel like I discovered America. I am thrilled. If you suffer from hormonal acne, I highly recommend it. The other secret I have learned here in Lucca is that instead of paying a fortune for sun spot remover creams, the inexpensive oil of iperico or St. John's Wort works really well and quickly.

Last Thursday was Italian liberation day and then today was the holiday for workers so I dragged F to the beach to walk with me non-stop for two and a half hours up and down the beach. Both days had good weather forecasts. By good I mean that they predicted good weather, but not good in that they were completely inaccurate. At least now I am not as white as a mozzarellina but I still don't look tan really. I tried to make a video of arm exercises to put on my Facebook page, but I can't actually deal with all of those fancy gym clients critiquing how I look in a bikini so all of that waving my arms around in front of strangers for nothing.

Spring is the season for socializing in Lucca. It is very common to go out for cocktails/an aperitivo  or a dinner with friends at the week's end. I have had some really nice evenings with my friends Patricia and Sabrina and then last night with Elena and Simonetta and their families. T went out on her own and met up with some of her friends. At the end of the evening, Elena and Simonetta's daughters who are about seven years old were dying to get a glimpse of a real life teenager. To her credit, T, who was starving since we were starting dinner so late, came down and like the Mary Poppins she is produced to little present bags to the girls with charms inside. No wonder she is so popular with the little ones. You should have seen the girls' faces! It was like they were meeting a mega celebrity.
After an afternoon of window shopping in the rain, you gotta have a spritz.

 This looks like I'm going to have a face in the plate moment, but it's such a good shot of Simonetta.
Angelo & Davide are so funny. They were trying to convince F to go running with them.

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