Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bokwa update
So they put up the videos and the photos on the fancy gym website. Not bad. Could have been worse. It showed more than I hoped it would that I was bouncing instead of jumping. Despite my efforts to spare my joints, I have been limping for the last 48 hours. In fact, a bunch of my clients are in pain, one hurt her knee and the other one said her calves are on fire, too. Low impact is a good pocket to stay in for me. I am not a high impact kind of a person, I guess.

It is a good thing there is Facebook because that is how I found out that after teaching in the morning and in the afternoon next Friday, I have been slated to go back for "Fitness Night" for which the gym stays open all night long to teach a half hour lesson from 10:30 until 11:00 at night. I asked a trainer in the locker room whether it is unusual for teachers to find out they are teaching at special times without anyone ever talking to them about it face to face and he said that it wasn't standard procedure, but that it happens. Then the curly haired instructor who has turned out to be actually a very good person told me that they also can cut away the major part of your lessons at a moment's notice as they did to her last September when it was high season and not the best time to go job hunting. And she has been working at this gym for eighteen years! Bad, bad, bad.

This is the famous bra shot of me on the far right, but there is an arrow on my chest. Literally.

In addition to dear, crazy, Claudia, I think maybe I am going to get to be friends with Marina. Ever since I cried over not fitting in she has started sending me messages with smiley faces on them. As I expected, Andrea the trainer asked me not to go with him to Rimini and told me to go with Luca and Pierpaolo instead. Sigh. Maybe that is good because I don't think either of them, one because he is not a jumper and one because he is super mega macho lifting guy, want to jump up and down all day doing Zumba-like activities either. I'd rather have a V8.

Last night, after class we stopped by Anna Maria's house to give her her birthday present and it fit like a dream!

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