Wednesday, May 22, 2013

T has an art project where she has to photograph and draw or paint images of the walls of Lucca illustrating a realist or precisionist point of view. I'll let you see it when it's done. Meanwhile, F did an art project of his own.

Giorgia modeling a daisy chain.

T is inserting a pitchfork in this photo of reluctant British tourists to make it a celebration of American Gothic. Little Genius.
Here is more rehearsal footage from the fancy gym. As it stands they published an album of 100 photos from fitness night and I do not appear in any of them. I have taken to counting how many times I greet someone and they don't bother to answer me. One girl is up to six. I'd love to talk back to them in English, but then I'd run the risk that some of them might understand. My friend Ian has come up with a brilliant solution in which I read them Ru Paul style in pig latin.  I could, for example, say to them "Ood-ga orning-may aters-hay." "Ee-say, ow-hway ude-ray ou-ya an-ca eb-ay oday-tay?"which of course means, "Good morning, haters. Let's see how rude can you be today." I have bigger problems because Alessandra and Daniela keep dropping their poles and have almost assassinated me twice. One time it came so close to clocking me on the head that the trainer Andrea said, "Oops there goes Metamorfosi from the schedule."

I am sure that when there is no mirror in front of us it will be physically impossible for us to stay in sync and I won't know what to do when so we will all bump into each other even more than we are now. Sigh.

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