Sunday, April 14, 2013

It is a beautiful, sunny day in Lucca which means every woman I know has gone to fry her face off. Even F and I went for a walk around the walls to soak in a few rays. I only had ten people this morning in class, but I am determined to get them to do my exercises from home by befriending them all on Facebook.

I want to be friends with my clients. At least they want to hang out with me. It turns out there was a pizza outing for all the instructors at the fancy gym and nobody told me about it. To be fair, it was probably in the newsletter that I forgot to get from the front desk, but still. Give the American a break. Make the extra effort, no? No.

Meanwhile T has been inside all day studying math and - wait for it - taking a practice SAT test. Because she wanted to. She is only 13 years old and hasn't even been taught half of the math skills, but she still got 1650. The average overall score (50th percentile) in the United States for 2012 was a 1498. Imagine this scene: We are all at the table having salad wrapped in tortillas with salsa for lunch and I am telling her to stop taking her SAT test so that we can watch the second half of Fashion Star. Luckily she takes after her father in the academic reasoning department. And yet her fashion sense is dead on. We did good.

Yesterday we enjoyed the view from Melissa and Mirko's new terrace. We did not take pictures of their enormous, stunning apartment with the museum sized chandeliers and the beautiful original details, mouldings, and fixtures. I have to think it was that we were actually so stunned by its beauty that we forgot. But we came away with a photo or two nonetheless.

And these photos are from last weekend when we went to bring flowers to Laura who landed a job at the new gourmet gelateria in via Fillungo called Grom. She spent six hours of continuous scooping because the first weekend they had a promotion and all of the gelato was free! There was a crazy line out the door the whole afternoon.

Giuliano wrapped up the best flowers.

Grom gelato is worth the wait.
Evviva Laura!
Afterwards we met Elena and Angelo and some university friends of theirs for an apertivo.

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