Thursday, April 11, 2013

My idea of paradiso
You can disagree if you want to, but aside from watching back to back episodes of Shameless until I was caught up with the first three seasons and really believed that no matter what I go through I have no right to complain since I don't have to raise six siblings alone in poverty on the South Side of Chicago -- the best thing in the whole entire world is to have finished work and to still have time before dinner when I can get into bed with all of pillows piled up behind me and listen to non-stop reruns of Tutti Pazzi Per Amore on youtube with a cup of hot tea and the 594 page special and thick Spring edition of InStyle magazine in English on my lap. Ahhh.

Last night F saved me by bringing my Ipod that I left at home to me at the fancy gym one second after I was supposed to begin teaching. He is too good for me and I know it. It was a full house once again and in my revved up, joyful and relieved state of anima I announced that I was going to start posting my own exercise videos on my Facebook account so that people could have more options of exercises to choose from during the week. Except now I have to go film the videos. There is always a catch. Stay tuned because tomorrow is the crazy dance party night.

What you have to know is that I was invited by Mariella, a client of the fancy gym who I really just met. She is a very festive person who loves zumba with her whole zumba-loving heart. She wears the colorful zumba outfits with the odd ribbons hanging down the pants and the fringed tee shirts and brightly colored eye shadows. Sometimes she wears little fake flowers in her hair. She is what you could call solare, that is sunny or warmly, expansive. She has become my friend on Facebook and her cover photo is of Minnie Mouse, which comes as no surprise. She is probably a few years older than I, and, based on her Facebook posts, her friends have nicknamed her the little fairy. I am possibly her polar opposite as a human being since I am the kind of person who gets a little nauseous around the cartoon image of Minnie Mouse and I definitely hate zumba with a passion. But don't tell anybody. She told me that a dozen of her zumba friends who I want to convince to come take my metamorfosi class are going to be at this disco along with two gentleman zumba dancers who are also in our age group and who represent the hetero male demographic (which is about TWO).  I think it will be an evening where I will have to drink a decent amount a) to be able to tolerate the music, b) to be able to have energy to dance, and c) to make myself be able to use the congiutivo where it is needed at least four times before the night is over.

Here is a photo of my coworker Nicolas who I just learned from the fancy gym's Facebook is celebrating his birthday today. As he has never called me or given me his number, despite many a promise to do so,  so I can not even send him a celebratory text. I hope he has a great day because he is a true sweetheart. And even though he smiles and gives high fives to everyone, I like to think he likes me best.

The video below is starring the mitico Martin, the most popular zumba teacher and personality at the fancy gym. As far as I can tell he does not actually ever make eye contact with anyone because he is either wearing shades or is just to cool to do so.  Mariella is the lady at minute 1:22 of the video on the right side of the screen wearing a purple top and reddish-pink pants. I'm not sure how I get myself into these things either, if that helps. Now that you are learning all of the characters to my little soap opera, everything will be much more dish-y and fun around here. And if I get fired, we can make up a new story so it's a win-win situation.

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