Sunday, April 28, 2013

Looking Ahead
We finally found an exchange for London and the dating game is over as far as Home Exchange goes this Summer 2013. The nice man we skyped with had his video cam pointed directly up his nose and did not seem to know we could see him. His nose hair was trimmed and so I have no complaints. The family has two young boys ages five and three, but I can't even remember why I was originally vetoing families with small children. I am so thrilled we found a match. If I come home to find a few chocolate smears here and there, I think I can live. As long as they are not on the chairs, just kidding, kind of- sort of.

 After realizing that I was the only teacher without a special role to play in the six week spring fling at the fancy gym known as Fit Fiesta, I sent a power point presentation on other classes I would like to teach next year to the owner of the fancy gym and to the three fitness managers. Thank goodness Elena edited it for me as my grammatical errors are becoming less cute and charming with every day that passes. Let it be known that the next cash cow to be mooing in to the fitness world is called Bokwa. It is the new Zumba. You dance in formations that spell out the alphabet and some numerals on the floor. The instructor has a set number of options of steps to choose from and mixes them according to the music. The instructor can even use sign language to signal to the students which step is coming up and cue them accordingly so that it is not necessary to shout out instructions to the hundreds of eager and enthusiastic Bokwa followers. This is a global phenomenon that is taking over the entire world and anyone who doesn't Bokwa in the next six months will be prehistoric and swept aside. I offered to go get certified while I am in England this summer, but my manager boss guy did not even respond to that text. Sigh. Hence the power point. Italians love a good power point. They also love facebook and I am now up to 110 friends/clients. Friday afternoon I finally hit the big time with 30 students in a class.

Today was exciting only in that I found a scorpion on the door of the instructors' changing room. Jessica who works at the front desk bravely grabbed a roll of paper towels and then saw the impressive size of her target and retreated. I learned that when asked to come to the rescue, the majority of Italian men I work with will respond, "ma mi fa schifo. non posso," and are just as grossed out and paralyzed by fear as we are.

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