Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Weekend
It has been raining for four or five months straight. I've lost count. I keep telling myself that it is really pathetic to complain about the weather if you get to live in Tuscany, so even though everyone is constantly complaining about it, I pretend it is not happening. For five months. Also I figure the moment the beautiful spring seasonal weather starts, everyone will stop going to the gym and I will be out of work.

 Speaking of silver linings, the antidote for a stressful work week is going to Elena and Angelo's house to watch The Silver Lining's Playbook or Il Lato Positivo in English with Italian subtitles. Dress code: casual sweats. Dinner: Thin crust pizza. Snacks: Our homemade popcorn with parmigiano and peperoncino. Bottle of wine: absolutely.

During the movie which was I realize was barely appropriate for T, but get over it, Alice who is seven went downstairs to watch television and draw with her grandparents. When she came upstairs she could not wait to see T again. She and her grandma had made T a  fashion paper doll of that actually resembled T fairly closely. We forgot to eat the cecina which is a pizza bread made from ceci or chickpeas. Alice loved the word which quickly became the code word for "tickle me" and pretty soon we were all being silly and yelling the word "chickpea" at the top of our voices and having tickle fights. Unfortunately, on the way home my foot got stuck on a cobble stone and I re-injured my tendon injury. Yup, I couldn't believe it, either.

Today T and F somehow baked cakes into eggshells which scared the crap out of me when I innocently opened one thinking it was just a plain hardboiled one.

We also decorated some and had a full out chocolate easter egg hunt with clues. F always makes his clues impossible to follow if you don't live in his brain. Would you have figured out that "Turned off M-S" meant that under T's cellphone was a little chocolate egg? I can't explain to you that M-S meant Monday through Saturday when her phone is not allowed to be turned on during the school day because I have to hurry up and get back into bed so that I can apply my zit medicine (nothing works!) and watch the remaining ten episodes of Shameless that I need to catch up on. My hormonal meltdown has me convinced that watching plucky Fiona Gallagher try to raise her six screwed up siblings, despite her alcoholic father and irresponsible mother in abject poverty on the south side of Chicago, is the only way that I will ever have the courage to leave the house again when it is time to face the fancy gym again on Wednesday night. It is going to be a busy holiday weekend, people.

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