Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Allora . . 
T GOT HER TOP BRACES OFF. We have to have them all sealed now because the enamel in her teeth is very weak a quanto pare. The doctor is giving me a good price, but still, ouch. The good part is T got her top braces off! Look how happy and beautiful the girl is:

Plus she had the points of her hair dyed blue, and this is also a cause for celebration. I didn't pay the shipping on the manic panic dye from and so we ended up using a semi permanent dye from the hair supply store around here called Mania Capelli. It looked good in the bottle, but looks less good on all the sheets, towels, and her neck. You get what you pay for in some cases. I went crazy Spring Cleaning this weekend which meant mostly giving all of the clothes T doesn't fit into now that she is about two inches taller than me to my friend Anita who can give them to the place where she does volunteer work.

My leg tendon is mending, but I am teaching three lessons today. I didn't sleep because I took the German Barbie skin care doctor's advice on some vitamin supplements for my skin that had enough vitamin A in them to dose a small beige elephant and it made me break out in heat rashes all over my body. Meanwhile every time I think I am heading for clear skin, I'm not. It turns out it takes four to six weeks before I will know if the saw palmetto is going to work. Saw palmetto is usually what men who have prostate problems take to decrease their testosterone levels. So I am pretty much having a cross gender mid-life crisis. I was very sad when I was limping and lumpy this Easter, but look 
a ray of sun!
I did an emergency Bioenergy healing on a friend of my friend Alessandro who was in a ski accident this weekend and had to be helicoptered to the hospital. He has already been allowed to go home, so I hope that I helped with his injured ribs and such. It is weird when you work on someone who is far away and you still have weird symptoms afterwards. I need empirical proof like everybody else, but when my hand is freezing cold after the treatment and the house and the rest of my body is completely warm otherwise - that is good enough for me.

On Friday F came and met me and the little select group of five students who love me at the fancy gym's cafe. They applauded when we entered which was really embarrassing. I got my ego knocked right down to size afterwards when the boss told me that while the class is going well overall, he wasn't going to waste time telling me nice things because it is more useful to give me constructive criticism. It turns out that some people have been complaining because I don't always count perfectly, and sometimes we do more exercises randomly on one leg than on the other. I can live with that, but it makes me paranoid that some lady out there is going wait a minute that was 17 leg raises on the left and only 14 on the right. I mean if I am not counting out loud it is because I am chatting, and that means that she is counting in her head and remembering the numbers and then comparing notes. Impressive and freak-ish.

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hanna said...

It is nice to hear from you and the improvement. I think you must be careful on using saw palmetto, I've read from the article of Dr. Mercola which tackles the benefits of saw palmetto and it's side-effects. It is important that you will only take saw palmetto which is formulated only for women since it could lead to much worst if misused. This is only my suggestion girl. :-) Thanks.