Monday, April 22, 2013

A strong lunch
Today we went for an Italian Sunday lunch. No bagels. When we arrived Anna Maria chuckled at us and gave me a wink, explaining that she hoped we were hungry because she made us a "strong" lunch. I hoped she meant strong as in fortified with vitamins and minerals, but she meant really, really heavy. Anna Maria made us homemade lasagne from pasta she rolled herself, eggplant parmigiana, and a potato tart. It was like a restaurant for malnourished people with stick-to-your-ribs (and my thighs) kind of food. She also made her own strawberry sorbet and a cake. I had to beg her not to make me eat the cake.
There's more you say?
yum/gnam gnam
Oh my gosh, she's not kidding . . .
We were running late and so Fabio texted us that they had eaten all the food, but we could share an apple. He, as it turned out, was kidding.

T and Erica
T and Aurora. C'mon we know you want to be in the photo.

There you go!
 The sorbet made me cold so Fabio had me go outside in the sporadic sun to warm up. Unfortunately, I am allergic to outdoors. Next time you think about moving to Tuscany, keep in mind that when it stops raining, it starts blooming an extra potent snowy poplar seed that can bring grown men and female fitness instructors to their knees. This stops around July. Then it becomes insanely hot in August and then it starts raining again. Just saying.

Hair braiding at weird moments is a mother daughter thing.

This is Aurora and Erica's room. T has almost nothing in common with them in the sense that she is indifferent or repulsed by everyone in the posters.

After eating, F had three cups of coffee and found the strength to play Dance Revolution with the girls. Nobody got hurt other than a small porcelain elephant. After F, broke it he ran away from the scene of the crime like a little girl, but later confessed to Fabio what had happened. Fabio forgave him because he was so impressed with his dancing prowess. Take a look for yourselves:



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