Saturday, March 02, 2013

Good bits

I forgot to show you these photos of T when her friends came for an Oscar night dinner of Chinese dumplings with official ballots, old footage of red carpet arrivals (best I could do with the time difference) and full high fashion dinner attire.

Plus there is a riveting and not to be missed video of F driving me to the fancy gym in the snow last week.

By finally finding the instructors' changing room/smelly closet I have also discovered the chart where we are supposed to log how many students we have per class, a buzz kill if there ever was one, and also that everyone else has a mailbox with mysterious mail in it, and that my kind coworker Nicholas has no problem walking around in his undies. They still have yet to give me a uniform and so I am the only one who seems to not wear the logo, but I have already asked for balls, boas, and chairs. And I think my boss Giacomo is finding that I am a bigger pain in the butt than he was hoping for and I am finding that he is more evasive than I was hoping for.

The feedback I have received so far is that my class is too fast, that it needs to be more jam packed, that it is too hard, that it is too easy, that I speak wonderful Italian, and that no one can understand me. I did the same class twice on Friday and one time it took me an hour and the next time I finished fifteen minutes early and had to put in all this filler at the end. Later I realized why I was so fast in the afternoon and its name is caffeine. I am going to have to watch the pacing going forward. My coworkers seem really a lot more put together than I do. I can't explain it. They look so picture perfect all the time, whereas I have been eating flax seeds three times a day to keep the acne cysts away and constantly misplacing my magnetic entrance bracelet and refusing to get undressed even for a second in front of anyone. Super stressful.

This week I am doing bioenergy treatments for one coworker and two clients to try and get some good testimonial anecdotes that will enable me to bring the Domacic method to the fancy gym.

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