Saturday, February 09, 2013

Will I be there this time around?
Last time the fancy gym did an ad campaign with all of the female teachers, I was so jealous that I ate my heart out. A play on Sex & the City and fitness, two of my favorite things, and I was too busy being loyal to the wrong people, apparently, to get a piece of the action. The lady on the phone yesterday, whose name I wish I knew, told me I could be a part of the next photo shoot, but only if my class is a success tomorrow. And, as my friend Elena pointed out, how the heck are they going to measure the success of the class? I'm measuring it as successful if I am not alone, I don't pee myself or shout obscenities and nobody gets terribly hurt or sets their hair on fire. Too much to ask for? Fingers crossed.

Stick around for the second half of the video; that's where the magic happens:

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