Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Brutta
The good news is that T's teachers love her very much. The parent teacher conferences went really well today. Her math teacher thinks that it is good she chose the hardest high school because she likes to rise to challenges and that I should reconsider letting her go on the overnight class trip. I don't feel comfortable with it, but I found it adorable that she even is going to call T's doctor to get her opinion about it.

Okay that is not all the good news. Today I also had about thirty people in my afternoon class at the fancy gym. The bad day was really Wednesday night when my class went head to head with a normal tonficazione class and that teacher was kind of territorial. The tone of the whole night was really tense and I had a poor turn out. Since then, however, the room has been packed. I even had a full room on Sunday when it was snowing and got a call from my boss who wasn't even at the gym to say that he heard that the class had been a huge hit. Plus a few new students confided in me that some of the real power player women at the club have been spreading the word that my class is the one to try. Yay!

I knew the other foot was going to fall so I had a huge list of questions when I went in today to get my contract. I found out that my current contract is only going to last ten days and then the gym is changing into a different kind of an entity and I will have another contract that I won't understand anymore than I understand this one and somehow I have to get my accountant/commercialista to review it in under 24 hours. I'm sure he has nothing more important to do. . .

I was all prepared for this important day of contract getting with five loaves of F's gorgonzola bread to reward this trainer Nicholas who is so sweet to me and always helps me to set up my music on the speakers, and to make some friends in general with my new coworkers, and to celebrate the contract with my bosses. I wanted to ask if I have to buy the fancy gym logo outfits or how everyone else got theirs and whether there were special lockers I was supposed to be using. Well, it turns out that after I sign the contract, I get the outfit and there is a whole changing room for staff that I didn't even know existed and that I still don't know how to find. It's amazing I can tie my own shoes, there is so much I don't know.

I am on the far right, looking the dorkiest I have ever looked in my life.
Here comes the ugly. As F drove me up to the gym tonight, I almost died. There was the huge billboard with me looking like
  • All of the other girls do not want to be my friend.
  • I have a weird cast on my arm that is actually a leg warmer  -- thanks for that styling tip, curly haired coworker from Wednesday night.
  • Beige got the memo and is also not my friend -- in so many ways.
I made F drive away from the main entrance so that no one would see me. He pointed out that no matter where we drove, everyone is going to see me. This poster takes up half the outer wall of the building. Even the t-shirt that I am finally going to get is going to have this ever so beige photo on it.
On the positive side, Cristiano, my bus buddy, feels that my biceps are still in good shape. And even though he didn't say goodbye to me when we got off the bus, he still smiled at me a lot at the bus stop and gave me the friendly tip that when he is not there, if I don't raise my arm, the bus driver will not stop for me. Good to know, my bespectacled friend, good to know.

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