Thursday, February 21, 2013


Feel free to comment and tell me that these things also happen to you. Unless they never happen to you, and you just want to give me a friendly reality check to tell me that no, these things really only could happen to me.

 A 250 pound man fell on me as he fainted during a Domacic Method Bioenergy treatment that I was giving him for his colitis and bent my wrist backwards and tweaked my back. He was thrilled with the results on his colitis, and brought his mother back the next day for treatment on her arthritis, and both walked away happy customers.

I couldn't figure out which classroom was mine and I tried out my music in the classroom that ended up being the one the curly haired lady who hates me is using. She is the one who encouraged people to write on facebook about how my class better not be replacing hers. Her students shot daggers at me with their eyes. I offered to help her take down some equipment left over from the previous lesson and she told me in no uncertain terms that she was strong and didn't need my help. --um. okay.

I had a wardrobe malfunction during my first night class at the gym and had to ask a girl in the class to reattach my sports bra strap for me before I did a Janet Jackson at the Superbowl. There were only seven or eight students so it was pretty obvious.

Two of the most feminine guys I have ever met in my life asked me if the Metamorfosi choreography was going to be too feminine for them, and I couldn't be sure how they wanted me to answer this trick question.

A certain coworker (see above) hates me so much that I would not be surprised to see a horse head in my bed tomorrow with a curly mane and a red sweatshirt.

I spent the whole day studying the Pussycat dolls as if I had to give a dissertation on the subject. I actually feel like I may be dumber now.

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Laurence said...

No, it's only you.