Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not without a hitch. . .ma e' andata 
Last night T's blood sugars kept going way high and we couldn't figure out why, but it was really stressful for all three of us. This morning everything was back under control, and I got up bright and early and came up with a slamming speech to describe Metamorfosi. Unfortunately, when I had to actually say it, it forgot to come out in Italian. It's like someone pushed the English Only button in my brain. I looked up into the club owner's eyes and I forgot my own name. After that things got worse, before they got better.

My new boss Giacomo came in to adjust the microphone. It was good news that they even thought I would need a microphone because at eleven sharp there were only ten of us, and those were the people who I invited. Five minutes later there were twenty of us and I started the warm up without the microphone. Then it was time to do the choreographed segment for the arms that I have gone over and over a thousand times. It was going to be a crowd pleaser. They put a headset on me and a mike pack down my pants - which sounds more enjoyable than it was - and everytime I opened my mouth to speak the words came out mega loud and the music went away. I made the executive decision to throw the whole apparatus on the floor and continue without the microphone. I imagine this really pissed off the technician guy and probably annoyed my new boss, but I couldn't let the song go to waste.

When  I looked up into the sea of people three songs into the audition/Master class, I realized that there were fifty students, including three brave men. I was really moved that ten people came out for me to a gym that they don't belong to just to give me emotional support. Afterwards, people were happy and they asked Giacomo if he was going to hire me, and he said yes. They took a group picture that I'll add in if they put it up on FB. We all yelled Metamorfosi at the camera. And here is the best part: the photo shoot on Tuesday is for Fit and the City, part 2 and I get to do it! Now I just have to find something beige to wear that isn't hideous.

I had danced my butt off for the hour before the class started. The windows are kind of tainted so I didn't look out, but at one point one of the trainers brought two little boys in to see what I was up to. It was very cute. Come to think of it, I don't know what they thought of the dancing, but maybe that is for the best. I came home and have a sore throat and headache and aching everything and it is supposed to snow tomorrow here, but I don't care because today is finally a done deal. Yahoo! Meanwhile T has some girls over for a board game marathon and is very happy. F is baking us a batch of flour-less chocolate chip cookies and all is good with the world.

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