Friday, February 08, 2013

Not saying a word
 Sorry for not having written. I am trying to set the world's record for most exercise done without ever leaving the house. I have barely left the house in five days. I am too nervous to think straight, and, ironically, I didn't want to do anything out on the cobblestones that would make my tendon any worse. Sunday is the big Master class/audition at the fancy gym and the run through I did today at home was a complete disaster.
Here is a random shot of T on the way to school.
F has been teaching English to these guys. They love Flo Rida, god bless 'em.

Totally wrong. These are boys from T's class and study group. I know nothing.

Below are some shots F took from his friend Fabio's birthday. F got him some cool headphones as a birthday present. The twins Kristoff and Johaness were also in attendance. They only eat raw foods now and so they are really Tracy Anderson thin.

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I made plans to meet up with my friends Sabrina and Patrizia. First, I walked around the walls of Lucca with my headphones in, trying to rehearse in my head. While I was out with the girls, I got a call from the fancy gym saying that IF my class goes well there is another photo shoot on Tuesday with all of the female teachers; and, by the way, I need to wear an all beige or pink sport outfit to usher in the Spring. What happened to the Cadbury chocolate egg commercial as a sure sign that Easter is coming? Who the heck looks good in pink and beige workout wear, apart from the twins and Tracy Anderson? So I laid down some cash on a pink top and tights because that was all that I could find. That is my version of thinking positive. The only thing that keeps me sane (and I use the term loosely) is watching the promo for the documentary on Beyonce that is supposed to air on HBO next Saturday, and praying that I catch some Sasha Fierceness at the very last minute.

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