Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beauty & the Beast
I forgot to tell you about the appointment T had at the Meyer Children's hospital in Florence this week. She had a little trepidation about it because sometimes the doctors concern about the glycemic values can come across kind of "judge-y." In truth, the critiques she gets are because she is the model patient checking frequently to see how her numbers are and doing what she can to have them be as ideal as possible. She has turned the three month check of the average blood glucose value into a quest for perfection. I wonder where she gets this drive to constantly improve? Just kidding. And I'm sorry that I passed on all of my perfectionist tendencies. But I really don't want her to stress. In fact, the appointment went really well and she was thrilled to have a 6.2 average when the ultimate goal is a 6. After the business portion of the week was over and done, she concentrated on more fun things like her friend Ilenia's birthday bash. It was at a church rec room over in San Concordio. She didn't stay out too late, but just long enough to have everyone admire her new turquoise colored hair (just the tips).

Now on to the beast portion of this story. Remember how I was saying that I bowed out of the guest teacher's TRX class because I was worried I would get hurt by the body building 28(?)-year-old gymnast? Well, I probably should have pulled out a few minutes earlier. . . These bruises are just from hanging on to the straps and doing squats - which I hate, because they bulk up your thighs -- and some standing push ups. My class is the class this teacher will want to take after she has a kid and needs an effective way to stay in shape without getting hurt. I did some pretty wacko things when I was her age, too.

T said I look like I had a date with Chris Brown. . .
I had about ten people this Sunday morning for my class. About five of the women were 45 or older and they all told me they could only stay for ten minutes. All but one of them stayed the whole time. That is the Lucca elite good mannered way of saying If you try to make a fool of me, I'm out, yo. But I think I can build a following if I follow my daughter's keep on pushing mentality. She's my hero, 100%

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