Friday, February 01, 2013

Am I having a Carrie Bradshaw moment?
This is off their FB page. I am so getting arrested.
Remember the episode of Sex & the City where Carrie is all excited to see the poster of herself at the bus stop, but when the bus passes by it has a obscene graffiti on it? Or the one where she is supposed to be on the cover of a magazine and the photo of her ends up being just horrendous? I think that just happened to me. This is poster sized at the gym and they are passing them out to the three thousand clients. Oy. I look like I am sneering and my hair looks like a weave. Plus what position am I in? Awkward. P.S. Didn't F already do this the other day, but better?

Today I went and taught three of the female fitness instructors. I made the class pretty difficult, but not too difficult. They were really good at following and they had perfectly perfect bodies. The boss guy Giacomo sat there and watched with a woman from the PR department. It was beyond intimidating. The instructors were really nice. Only Elisa smiled at me during the lesson, but the other two smiled at me afterwards which is also important. Giacomo didn't give me a single compliment, but he didn't give me any criticism either. There is always the possibility that Ms. You-Know-Who Anderson will put a horse's head in my bed tonight, but that's a risk I am going to have to take.

Thank goodness Patrizia was able to give me a ride home because otherwise I would have to walk home for almost an hour to get home or wait an hour and a half for a bus. There are no sidewalks and the cars come close to the edge of the road. And it was raining. My next problem is that Giacomo gave me forty announcements to pass out and expects me to bring at least 20 amiche with me. I called twenty friends and only two of them have gotten back to me. If I don't get a full room, I might not get the job. I don't know if I mentioned that I did today after I went to the osteopaths who use some kind of energy treatment to cure my tendinitis. They said it was all blocked from an old injury and could hardly move my foot. It took two of them to pull my foot and I didn't feel a thing because of the energy they were sending me. Shoot forward five hours when I was lifting my client's baby and my back started spasming. I have no idea how I got myself back into one piece for today, but I think those crazy doctors unblocked something in a good way. I'm going back next week to them and the German Barbie skin doctor. It takes a village. Literally.

I just found out (from T, my official news source) that they are predicting more earthquakes for us and they have evacuated some folks outside of the walls.  A client of mine got a call at midnight from the Protezione Civile and her familly moved into the part of her house that is more structurally stable to sleep in.

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