Friday, January 11, 2013

We Don't Know
Today T went to the High School/Liceo Classico for the three hour sample class and has decided that she wants to enroll there for next year. There were a bunch of snobby girls there wearing all different colored versions of the same super expensive coat, but one nice girl sat with her and the lessons captured her interest overall, even the English lesson. We think it is a very brave and admirable choice so we are going to give her as much support as we possibly can. I guess the other choice would be to try to distract her with video games and candy while she tries in vain to study Latin and Greek.

I have already found more people who want to do personal training with me than I ever had working at the getta LIFE gym. Every day I have students calling me to complain that the new teacher is trying to increase the size of their asses by making them do squats. I taught them well.  I don't know what I will do if the EGO gym ever calls me for the interview because I haven't figured out how to get there by bus and I don't know if it makes sense to sign a contract that says they have full control of my schedule. On the other hand, I might feel more secure if I had a base so I am going to keep all the options open for now. Drawbacks of working at home include forgetting that we moved the couch to make room for exercise mats and falling smack on my butt; having people constantly contacting me to confirm things that we already confirmed and then canceling at the last minute; having to keep the bathroom cleaner than a holiday inn; and never wearing any decent outfits. Of course there are many positives like spending more time with T, having a cleaner bathroom, and never wearing any decent outfits.

I never thought I would move to Tuscany and miss the lingerie chain store Victoria's Secret.  But now that I desperately want a pair of silk men's style pajamas, rather than the ever popular Disney flannel nightshirts and  transparent, mesh nighties that are in abundance here; I find myself cursing Victoria and very close to outing her scandalous secret.

Just to confuse you here are some of the last photos from our trip to Rome. The animated gentleman at the cafe with us is a journalist and film festival director named Corrado who helped us to get our visas and for this he has earned himself a bit of bromantical attention from F. I was beyond exhausted and on the verge of the flu so I have no idea why I have those weird facial expressions or why he is pointing at me.

This is a video of me after F told me to try on his jeans. He was going to sew me the pair of boyfriend jeans I wanted for Christmas. To save money he went to the mercatino to buy some old man's jeans because I wanted old, worn, soft ones. Something about the fit brought out the weight watcher's commercial hillbilly in me.

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