Sunday, January 06, 2013

Say What?
On the train home from Rome, I figured out that I had that kind of intestinal flu that makes you want to put your head on the floor and moan. Once we got home F got the kind of flu that makes you sweat and freeze at the same time. Thank goodness T has remained immune to everything. In between bouts of flu we managed to get to Florence and renew T and my passports, but the whole time I was full of dread because I knew I would have to go back to the gym to get the remaining money they owe me. Unfortunately, the nice partner who made the appointment with me was not there and I had to deal with Dino who was still angry after our unpleasant phone conversation. I will be forever grateful to Laura the pilates instructor who had the courage to come kiss me when I walked in while Dino glowered from behind the reception desk. Sometimes a small gesture can make all the difference. Once Dino finished pretending he had more important things to do and I pretended that I had a thousand messages to check on my phone, we finally sat down in his office. He had me sign receipts for every month of wages I got paid since September of 2011 which was to be expected. Then he laid down this mystery paper that said blah blah blah law number blah blah blah 502 euro. I had the sneaking suspicion that it was not a bonus gift. Sadly, it them became clear why I could never get treated like a real member of the staff there. You see, I got the job in the first place because my accountant is the same one the gym uses and he recommended me. No one every told me that if I didn't apply for a partita IVA -- a value added tax identification number--  they could take away two months of my salary for tax purposes. In the end, all of the extra hours of work and choreography and planning that I did to put on a broadway show kind of a class for them, I did practically for free. It was worth it because I met my best friends doing those classes, and I don't regret that I tried it, although I am happy to be out of there. I felt angry tears in my eyes while I was signing away so while Dino went to make copies I prepared my exit speech.
It was a very "9 to 5" kind of a week.

One thing that made me really mad was that Dino put 50 euros in an envelope to finally compensate me for the groceries that I paid for the dinner we made the staff at my house. I threw that back at him because I had done that out of friendship and also it infuriated me that I had told him the dinner cost 30 euros. Did he really think he could clear his conscience with a twenty and I would grab at it? This surprised him. Then I told him that I had talked to many of my colleagues who also felt they had no say in how things worked at the gym and that I was sure this was why they had such a crappy class schedule. He said that he thought the schedule was fine. I said that if he ever bothered to talk to anyone he would know that his clients are complaining about it. I also mentioned that we never had a staff meeting in all the time I've been there and so no one knows each other's strengths or weaknesses or helps each other or the gym to run to its fullest potential. He said they had only been around for four years and were young and didn't have time for such things yet. This was ridiculous as they have a dozen dinners and appertivos for the purpose of getting drunk and stuffing their faces all year long; so I just looked at him and told him, "Well, there's your problem." He said he never doubted my professionalism or abilities and so I stood up and shook his hand. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that he had screwed me out of the 500 euro. Italy is rough.

In the meantime, I found out that a guy who I had a part in setting up wtih my good friend was a stalker type who was sending her inappropriate photos and I had to deal with that fiasco. Around that time F started shivering.

Then I dealt with a flurry of new year's related interest from people who (hooray!) were willing to buy my treadmill off me and off I went to dinner at Patrizia's.

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