Sunday, January 06, 2013

Dinner da Patrizia

Me plus Anna Maria, Giusy, Serena, Gabriella, & Elena.
To say that I needed a metaphorical tiramisu of epic proportions would be an understatement. But Patrizia was on the case. She prepared a dinner for seven of us and poured love into every detail. She thought to tie balloons on to her hedge so people could find the turn onto her little street. She ordered wood so that there would be a cozy fire in the fireplace. She made a vegetarian meal that was exceptional and then she made everyone take-home bags of cookies for the befana holiday on the eve of the epiphany.

Almost everyone there had ties to the South of Italy so there was a lot of talking recipes, vacations to the sea, and adventures with public transportation. Elena represented Toscana very well on her part. They all wanted to know how people have relationships in New York and so I explained that even though it seems so big and confusing it is a similar kind of dynamic when you break the city down into all it's little neighborhoods and you carve your life out of little pieces. They said that it was the cultural diversity as a part of daily life that kind of knocks them out. It was a night I will never forget. There was no one at the table that I don't adore, and, as Serena said it was a boccata d'aria where I just felt like I could breathe and be myself and not have to work so hard.
gnam! = yum!
La Patrizia!

Everyone thought it was hilarious that Americans are so toothy in smiling and saying cheese for the camera until Gabriella pointed out that it makes your photo turn out better.

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