Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Adorkable, Treetastic Tree of 2012

My husband listens to me. Sometimes that gets mixed results, but it is still fabulous.
I woke up so disappointed to find that we all have a new cold after being sick all week. Today is our tree decorating day and I was so looking forward to it. Never fear, said F. I will go to the supermarket and get a tree. Listen, honey, I said, everyone at the gym said not to get the tree from the supermarket; they told me to go to one of these two vivai/nurseries to get one. Yeah, yeah he said. And honey, I said, let's not be able to make more Charlie Brown's Christmas tree jokes this year. Last year's was a bit scrubby. Surely someone can sell us a big tree for 25 euro.

F and his bicycle spying the perfect specimen.
 Flashback to Park Slope, Brooklyn 2006: T and I went to her friend Savana's the first year that we were invited over for their legendary Christmas eve party. It was like walking onto the set of the Nutcracker. T's jaw dropped open and she came home and looked at our tree as though she was just figuring out that our taste level as a family was sub par. It took her a few years to figure out that their perfect tree was also faux and, therefore, a bit more cosmetically symmetrical and classically beautiful while ours was always captivatingly off.

Savana's tree 20009
Our tree 2005

Ours. 2012.
Flash forward to F biking to the supermarket and several nurseries, spotting our tree, trading his bike for the car and coming home in a blaze of glory with a tree taller than our ceiling and a saw. We have had to rearrange the living room furniture and you can hardly make it from the front door to the back of the apartment because of the sprawling branches. It looks like it ate our tree from the last twelve years.

It was a very cozy time drinking hot chocolate and making gingerbread. The gingerbread turned out to be too cake-like to work for the cookies we are going to give as presents, but I wouldn't throw it out of bed, if you know what I mean. And I know you do.

And the angel on the top!

Okay, two angels.

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