Thursday, December 20, 2012

Revenge of the Nerds

What you need to know is that the most prestigious, difficult, scary high school in all of Lucca is the Classico. F always wanted T to go there because we admire her tutors Gabrielle and Lucia who went there and now Ilaria who goes there. I have been against it only because I didn't want her blaming us for the four to five hours of homework a night and the reading ancient Greek and Latin and studying Dante's inferno until you live all the circles of the inferno and back. They professors were so cute and maternal and the Scientifico Linguistico, I was just sure she would want to go there. Today was the open house at Classico.

We went up the palatial staircase where we were told we could kill time before the presentation in the museum. We walked into a room of minerals that could compete with that of the Museum of Natural History in New York. There was a girl robot there. T and F swear she was just a girl, but she was wound up very tightly and reciting esoteric facts about the ceiling of the structure the minerals and some rare herbs. I got a case of the incurable giggles. It was Harry Potter land 3D. I tried to figure out if the girl was a slytherin and I giggled. We walked into the next room where she recited more facts about the herbs and I saw the Book of Monsters. Then we walked further in and saw taxodermy of the scariest level. And at the end of the corridor right past Miss Norris the cat there were more robot children reciting facts. I had tears pouring from my eyes I was giggling so hard. Free the Elves! I shouted under my breath. T pinched me hard. One of the robot boys turned out to be the brother of a girl in T's class. He was very sweet and was more than wiling to help T study grammar this summer to prepare for the first three months of organization which are supposed to be brutal. All the robot children were very sweet and at the beginning of the presentation for the adults ,T went off with the robot children to get the low down.

These are actual mummies. I rest my case. hee hee (still punchy)

That left F and I alone with the very fast talking professors. I understood less than 1/12 of what they said. I learned more about fractions as the percentage of what I understood went down the longer they spoke. It was so f-ing drafty in that castle that I could not feel my feet by the end. I was still punchy from the lack of comprehension and the sheer pompous vibe of the room. There was a mother in the first row taking notes. Come on, show off, take it easy. It turned out she had two other children already enrolled at the school. I think they were the Italian Weasleys. The professor McDonagal-ini lady said, "You have a third one for us, oh joy!"

Here is the mother taking notes.

This is an actual robot boy.

I could not wait for T to come back so we could make fun of the whole thing and get outside where it was warm. She came back and said, "Mom, it's so cool, I think I want to go here." Stay tuned.

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