Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Woah Nelly! I was so moved when I heard this. The principal and a group of professors from T's middle school led by her math professor went to the hospital to meet with T's doctor to learn more about diabetes and to arrange for lessons on how to inject T in the very unlikely case that she would ever become unconscious at school. This is shockingly beautiful. Especially since we had a meeting where it was explained to me how frightened many of the teachers were both by the action of giving a shot and by the thought of taking on this responsibility. The doctor apparently explained how very hard it is to mess this up and how it is very important to try rather than to do nothing.

It turns out that the math professor's son has asthma and so she also met the doctor by chance and now the doctor is going to provide the school with an individualized therapeutic plan that will perhaps give them more information about how to tailor T's final exam taking to suit her specific situation. For a school that doesn't have it together to have a phone list for parents and whose parent teacher meetings are organized along the lines of feeding time at the petting zoo this is unexpected and great.

It's a good thing we met with the math professor because T, who is interested in becoming a first grade teacher, was thinking about going to a high school that specializes in early childhood education, but then I could tell by the math professor's face that this was not a good move. She didn't even have to say words because I understood from her expression that we were about to send T to the equivalent of an air conditioning repair institute that is advertised on the subway in New York. Rest assured that T will be going to a high school that offers math instruction on a regular basis.

Today T's class went on a super long class trip to Firenze for a meeting that memorializes the anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

There is T at back far left!

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