Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Purple Hand

Here's a call you don't think you will get from your daughter's school every day: Can you please come get your child, her hand is purple.

 T said I was unusually calm. I remember that I deliberated whether I should bring my paperback book because I knew hours of waiting at a hospital were in my future, but since it has a racy cover and didn't fit in my pocket I left it behind. That was a mistake, btw. I was at least mostly dressed and presentable at the time T called because I was about to go out Christmas shopping with Melissa. As I hurried to get out, I flashedback on that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he has a dream that his house is underwater; my feet felt heavy and hard to move.

Thank goodness, that all changed when I got out the door. By the time I got to T's school, F had already biked his way there. Sure enough T's hand was a grayish, purple and very swollen. She had been playing volleyball in the cold and when she went inside it started to hurt. The principal took care of calling the hospital. We went on an ambulance to the emergency room, but without sirens or anything. We spent about three hours in Emergency having her hand sonogram/ecografia done and three hours in the pediatric department waiting for our adorable specialist who slowly two finger typed a lengthy form for the school describing T's patient profile.

It turned out that T has Raynaud's syndrome which means she can have restricted blood flow to the fingers and/or toes when she is cold. They said it can happen in people with rheumatism or with auto immune issues, but it seems clear to me that it is somehow connected to the diabetes, even though the doctors did not clearly make a connection between them. Now that we speak Italian better and have health cards, people were much nicer to us at the Hospital of Lucca's Pronto Soccorso. We had several friendly chats with nurses who were interested to hear about New York.

This was the morning that I woke up and realized with a little help from the Internet that in my attempt to fit in with my high heeled friends I have a sprained arch of my foot. The real problem was that I listened to the Lucca Footlocker's Store guy's advice and changed my orthotic for one that is too soft and low and my foot is extremely mad at me. While we will be investing in some warm gloves for T, I am icing my foot and investing in some low wedged boots. The adventure continues!


Anonymous said...

Greetings, do you know what episode that screenshot is from? I love the part when Bugs gets a drink of water. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

...I really need to know which episode this screenshot comes from! I watched it with friends when we were younger, but we always remember and really wanna se it again!!! If anyone knows, please let me know!!!!!!!! mail:


Joyce I. Ismael said...

The episode is "Water, Water Every Hare". Just to let you guys know. :)