Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry weirdness

This year we had a rather odd Santa scene around the corner from us. There were mischievous glitter throwing, juggling guys and a woman with a candle and a little person who, I am hesitant to say, was supposed to be an elf. T had a moment of politically correct dismay. I thought about it for a minute and said there is no reason for a little person not to play an elf in the spirit of Christmas just because it could be stereotypical for some. Right?

The best part was captured in this video when a little boy with a pacifier in his mouth kept doing that Maggie Simpson move of pushing it in and out of his mouth towards Santa, and Santa did the same move right  back. Santa is mega jolly.

Today I had slopped some green face mask stuff on just as the door bell rang. It was this woman from the gym. She had been the only client who came for my three o'clock class before it got canceled. She had been worried about her husband who was having trouble swallowing his food. I had recommended some celery seed broth, and it helped for a while. My boss at the gym had recommended some breathing exercises. His family doctor had completely missed all the signs. It turned out to be a tumor. I started doing Bioenergy treatments for him a few days ago, and he wanted to come by and thank me in person. The sink was full of dishes and I still had some green under my chin, but they hiked up the stairs to bring me a plant and were really feeling like this was going to get them through to the chemo next week so it was well worth it. I did the final day's treatment right then and there. With my hands about three inches away from his chest, I felt actual freezing cold spots on his esophagus, so I imagine that is where the tumor is. It was bizarre because the rest of his chest was warm.

I have been texting all day long because I wanted to give my clients and colleagues a heads up that I won't be coming back to work after the holidays. I was absolutely unsure about sending the texts, but then after reviewing the course schedule I realized that even if a Christmas miracle did happen, there is nothing they could come back and offer me as far as I can see that would make it worth it to keep being associated with them. It has been pretty sad, but I think it was time and now I have to figure out how to make a new work routine for myself that allows us to pay for stuff. I am going to try really hard to stop obsessing over it and just enjoy the next week of vacation time. Right now I have to go make more sugar eyeballs for the next batch of reindeer cupcakes. Yes, I do know I'm weird.

Arrivederci Brooklyn, and Merry Holidays at you!

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