Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catch us if you can
We have to play catch up because as lovely as the bed and breakfast in Rome is, the internet connection is sketchy. It was an astoundingly good Christmas and we think it is all thanks to that adorkable ginormous tree that F brought home. T was thrilled with her fashion forward collection under the tree. T wrote me the best letters in a little journal that will be my favorite thing for as long as I live and F made me a kind of scarf collar and he  sewed T a fuchsia houndstooth pencil skirt that fits her like a dream. We made him Kpop shirts and ate chocolate muffins for breakfast. In the early evening we stopped by Melissa and Mirko's soon to be old apartment for a brindisi between friends.

On the day of San Stefano, one of my students named Francesca stopped by with her husband and little daughters to help us finish up the last of the reindeer cupcakes. The girls were really shy, but T managed to work her magic and get them to giggle uncontrollably by the end of the visit.

At night, we went to a games party at Jackie's house. T loved having to guess the famous person whose name was taped to her back by asking yes and no questions to other party guests. There was this really fun game where the hostess read from her pack of cards and whoever had the matching card got to pick a present. Then you get to steal presents from other people when your turn comes and at the end everyone opens up the gifts one at a time. People were so greedy and funny and then when we opened the gifts they were mostly household items like bandaids and keychains which made the whole thing even more funny. I would steal that game and play the luxe version with really awesome presents if I were super rich. We left earlier than we wanted to because we had to catch the train to Rome in the morning.

That speedy Italotreno is a great deal; we sat at a table booth for four and had a picnic lunch on the train. There was wifi, but we couldn't watch a film because it was too noisy to hear the audio. It didn't matter because we were there in no time. We got to the Piazza di Spagna Prestige in a taxi with a driver that read a map in a guide book while occasionally looking up to see what the traffic was doing. Giovanna and her brother who run the hotel could not be any nicer. The rooms are toasty warm and sound proof and perfectly clean. We inexplicably could not bear the thought of more fried food or heavy pasta dishes and returned twice to a very good vegetarian restaurant and then found a great Chinese one. This city is a shopper's paradise, but so far we have been very contained.

The holiday lights are shaped like chandeliers!

At one point we were all sitting at the table playing the guess who game and my mom asked, "Am I Oprah?" It was very funny. It turned out she was Serena Williams, which was also funny.

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