Saturday, December 08, 2012

5 Reasons Not to Go to the Gym when your Tired
1. You can approach the white haired man with bushy eyebrows to find out how his arm is feeling only to find out he is the other white haired man with bushy eyebrows whose arm is just fine. I have actually now done this for the third time and it gets better every single time I do it. Highly recommend.
2. You can leave the tupperware container that your supervisor returned to you and told you not to forget right in the middle of the floor where he can trip on it.
3. You can sweat and then get really cold and then get so hungry that the glue that sticks on the inside of the exercise bar from the gross aluminum wrapper seems like too much trouble to remove.
4. Instead of taking advantage of the fact that nobody comes to the 3 pm class and you still get paid for it, you can go up to your boss and say please can we end this torture?
5. I'm too tired to come up with a fifth one.
Plus this is what happens when T takes F shopping at H&M near Florence after her orthodontist appointment: (Can I buy a vowel?) :

Dress Classy

Dance Cheesy
Gangnam Style

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