Sunday, November 04, 2012

Why T Inherited All of My Lipsticks
T has no problem with the fact that practically all of the lipsticks on the market today are made with Carmine to create that red based color. That red color is made from dead bug carcasses. If they don't have Carmine in them, they have lead. I don't want T to use either one, but she laughed her head off and clutched her stomach while cackling, "Nars, Nars, Nars do you know how expensive these are?"
 Okay so it is a very small percentage of lead. But still. . .

I am going to use beet juice. Nothing but beet juice with vitamin E or olive or avocado oil. When I travel I will use beet juice powder.

I've always hated the way thick lipsticks get on everything and feel gross. I once had a passionate after date kiss at my elevator in my early 20's and my obnoxious next door neighbor laughed and pointed at me. My date had left me looking like I had been accosted by Ronald McDonald. It was then that I switched to gloss. But glosses can be sticky and only last about fourteen minutes before you eat or drink or breath heavily, and then they are gone.

I was thrilled by the invention of lip stains that last for hours, even if they tend to be a bit drying, and stay on even after a rigorous workout. I had just spent my spending money for the week on Benetint pocket pal which is a horrendously packaged product that spills whichever way you open it. I got home to read the reviews about what a great choice I had made only to find hate-filled reviews talking about carmine and a gloss stick that begins to stink like old socks after a month. If they are little mites on pillows and red M & M candies are made from bug juice, I can't bare to know about it.

Excuse me, I have to retire to my bed now to watch Downton Abbey and sniffle. Loudly.

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