Monday, November 26, 2012

The International Day Against Violence towards Women
As fashion shows go, this one was very cool because the models were real people with normal sized bodies and it was for a very excellent cause. The music by the Progetto in La Minore was very soporific, but heartfelt. There were some great monologues by the Teatrogiovani Lucca. The fashion show had accessories that were vintage and new and some one of a kind pieces form the most famous stylist of Lucca, Piero Ricci. The event was sponsored by the Provincia di Lucca and Bianca was was one of the instrumental organizers.  It took place at the Palazzo Ducale which is stunningly beautiful. I felt bad I had to wear sneakers, but the insole of my left foot is refusing to be placed in a heel no matter how Italian it is.

This guy with the unlit cigar was the daddy of one of the models. He gave me insider tidbits about which model's shoes were too big and which was the most beautiful -- his daughter of course.

The most beautiful - Serena!

Here I am with Bianca.

The models walked by too fast for my Ipod so I tried to get as many pictures of them eating afterwards for you as I possibly could.

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