Friday, November 23, 2012

The BIG 13
T had a really really good day. She woke up and had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and opened up her presents from Meagan, Stephen and Vivi. It was a green leather accessory with shoulder straps, filled with other accessories, which is T's favorite kind of gift.

She went to school with Natasha who had given her birthday cards from her and her sorellina Sofia the day before and went on to get elected class representative .

I think the fact that she had pitched in to help the boys with the pallamano match did not hurt at all in terms of vote getting.

At the hospital she got great reviews on her blood sugar averages and her use of the insulin pump. We brought F's famous gorganzola bread to the dottoressa and Antonio the technician and it was well received and very much appreciated. Antonio said he would bring us some of his dad's olive oil. That is what you call making the most of your time with the Medtronic technician. Take note, people. The next day T called Antonio because she saw on the forums that our model of insulin pump is one that is not yet available in America and it has a secret alarm that rings if you go too low and suspends your insulin so that you don't have to worry about going so low in your sleep that you will pass out. It turned out to be true. Nobody told us about it. Ever. But happy birthday to us.

Then T opened up her present from us in the car on the way home from the hospital. Thus making that part of the day less blechy.

 Natasha came over for breakfast for dinner, which is T's favorite meal of eggs benedict and hashbrowns with possibly the best and moistest chocolate cake ever made for dessert. It was a great, great day. And she still keeps on being taller than me and better than me in math, accessorizing, Internet surfing, hurdle jumping, pallamano (whatever that is), color coordination, current events, political analysis, the oh so subtle eye roll and um being generally AWESOME. But I'm cool with it because I totally take credit for all of that.


meagan susannah londy said...

T is awesome. True story.
Miss you all tons and tons and tons.
Xoxo ad nauseum

FB said...

We miss you 3 MORE. You don't know. . . :)